Happy Film Friday friends!  This is an exciting edition as I share with you photos I took of some gorgeous flowers back in April.  For a few years, I've been meaning to visit Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to witness the garden's famous Cherry Blossoms.  For one reason or another that time of the year did not allow me to make the three-hour journey, but this year I was determined to get there and thankfully I did.  

The weather was not ideal (overcast/rain all day), but as soon as you walk in the park, they are front and center, and you forget what the weather is like.  You just admire their beauty.   As you can imagine, the crowd of people (especially if you go during the weekend) is a bit intense.  

You can't really capture any of the trees without having others in your frame, unless you go very very close.  That was my intention with macro photography, in addition to giving these beauties their own spotlight.  

This rose was probably my favorite. The bokeh (aka blurry/out of focus background) was to die for! 

The colors that film produced were incredible! 

If you are in New York City in the Spring, I highly recommend visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

All photos taken with a Contax 645 and Fuji 400H film.