Happy Friday! If you are reading this it means you came across my post on Facebook introducing a new section I will be posting on Fridays, which showcases my love of film photography.  My intent is to take you along with me for the journey that I've been on since the beginning of the year, which has gone by way too fast.  What’s the saying? “Time flies when you are having fun!”

In February, I had the privilege of flying out to California to spend the weekend with one of my favorite film photographers, Melanie Osorio, for a one-on-one mentorship focusing on film, specifically medium format.  You can imagine my excitement, having this talented lady to myself! I was in heaven.  We had classroom time, as well as shooting time (which meant I had to apply what I learned in front of her... eek!) and I was ready for the challenge.  Melanie was such a great teacher, which was such a bonus, because it's one thing to like a person's work, but on top of that she went above and beyond to make sure we accomplished everything I set out to do.  

As soon as I got back I was determined to start building my portfolio. 

One thing to note is that the weather in New England was NOT ideal to shoot outdoors, so I decided that I needed to go somewhere with good weather, as I did not want to wait until July to practice all I had learned. So I booked a flight to my native Puerto Rico (duh!).   I had not visited the island in four years, so it was time I went back, not only to see my family and friends, but also to showcase this gorgeous island and have great weather to match.  Having a little over two months to plan, I started planning what I wanted to capture with my film camera.

I was able to capture so many things, and I can't wait to tell you all about it, but just like with film, I'm going to take my time, and share my love for it, on Fridays.  

All photos taken with a Contax 645 and Fuji 400H film.