Back in the day I used to shoot film, not by choice but, because that's all that was available.  Yes, I realize I'm dating myself, but this is an important part of my journey.  Nowadays, photographers who shoot film and digital are known as hybrid photographers, using film as a color reference, once it is developed to match the digital captures.  It also takes a lot of patience in many fronts: really looking at your composition because once you click, that's it; using a light meter to get the best exposure;  sending the film to be developed and waiting for the scans, which takes approximately one week... eek!) 

What I love about shooting film today, is that I know so much more about photography in general (lighting, equipment, technique) than I did 20 years ago.   Personally, I love the look of Fuji film.

The skin and color tones it produces is unmatched.  

Here is a recent shoot I did on 35mm Fuji film and digital camera to match.  Can you tell which is film and which is digital?Special thanks to this beautiful momma for trusting me with documenting this special time in her life.